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  • Grieving the End of Breastfeeding

    My 'baby' isn't a baby anymore. With her breastfeeding days behind her, she steps out for a walk in her mummy's shoes.

      This time around I could see it coming. When my first daughter Josie self-weaned at 14 months I was really caught off guard. When she started to take super short feeds I thought it was just a phase. In my mind, she was going to be at least two years old before she stopped […]

  • The Expectations of Expecting

    Kristal Brown and her daughter

    We are pleased to have a guest blog from Kristal Brown this week. Kristal is a mum, writer and the director of Positive Peeps, an online store for positive lifestyle products, wellbeing events directory and blog. You can connect with her via Instagram and Facebook.  In this article, Kristal addresses the importance of practicing presence in pregnancy […]

  • Get out of a Rut and Reinvent Your Pregnancy

    Get out of a rut and reinvent your pregnancy

    Each time I was pregnant, I started out with a burst of excitement. I was thrilled to be bringing a new life into this world. But once the six week mark hit everything changed. I was hit by the horrors of morning sickness and fatigue. And then my pregnancy became all about feeling sick and […]